Cassia makeup academy


Elevate your beauty expertise with Cassia Makeup Academy, an international brand from the heart of Italy.

Cassia makeup academy was bought into being to recognize global trends in the demand and supply of trained beauty professionals.
Visionary leaders from italy traveled to different countries to study global trends such as demographic profiling and market demands in beauty and health.
They focused on india as their first investment country. The country’s young population has turned its attention to creating excited startups.
Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our iso 9001-2015 certification, which attests to the unwavering standards we uphold in both education and service. This ensures a learning environment that strives for and achieves excellence in all aspects of your educational journey.
Cassia academy curriculum is regularly updated so that students are abreast of the latest developments in the field of beauty and wellness. We ensure in giving the best training with top class resources that we have in place.
Cassia’s mission is to develop a highly skilled and qualified workforce that explores the beauty and health sector of the industry, establishes valid standards and practices, and provides quality career-oriented training. We teach students the theoretical basis of concepts and provide practical exercises in work situations. This improves students’ skills and prepares them well for the real working environment. A cutting-edge learning approach is available to set up personal services such as hair styling and manicures. Our beauty and health practices are student taught and meet international quality standards. The infrastructure is organized and managed accordingly, with a particular focus on comfort, space and ergonomics. This makes it easier for candidates to work freely and learn quickly.
We offer a wide range of beauty and wellness courses in india, providing more and more job opportunities for young people in the beauty industry. Our beauty graduates are currently working in many exciting positions in the beauty industry, including spa/salon managers/owners, beauty product representatives, beauty trainers, and even beauty magazine editors. It all comes down to the effort and time you put into this exciting field.

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